giovedì 16 agosto 2018

a New Oeridian Spell

This spell is originally from the old sourcebook "Bastion of Faith" by Bruce Cordell.

It is allowed only to Clerics of Hextor from Greyhawk setting:

Mantle of Hextor
2nd-level trasmutation spell

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a handful of paste made from ash and blood that is smeared on face and arms )
Duration: 1 minute

You are enshrouded in an ashen aura that leeches all color from your skin and twists your visage into a horrifying skull-like guise with lank hair and red-rimmed eyes. For the duration of the spell you gain the following benefits:

- You have advantage on checks when you try to hide

- You don't gain any exhaustion levels nor you suffer effects from any levels you already have

- You gain the Channel Divinity options Control Undead and Dreadful Aspect as a Paladin Oathbreaker.

Cleric of Hextor


The DM.

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