sabato 25 marzo 2017

New alternative covens for hags

Volo's Guide to Mosters is great expecially in its first part, where it gives various details and alternatives for some iconic monsters of D&D game..

It gives for example some alternative covens for hags.

There you can find other two covens I've developed for my games.

Conjuration. These hags master the art of calling beasts, plants, objects and extraplanar creatures for aid.

1st level: arms of Hadar, entangle, find familiar, unseen servant

2nd level: dust devil, find steed, web

3rd level: conjure animals, hunger of Hadar, spirit guardians

4th level: conjure minor elementals, conjure woodland beings, Evard's black tentacles, grasping vine

5th level: conjure elemental, insect plague

6th level: wall of thorns

Mind affecting. Some hags delight the power of mind control, either direct or through aimed Illusions.

1st level: charm person, change self, color spray, command, sleep

2nd level: crown of madness, enthrall, suggestion

3rd level: fear, hypnotic pattern, major image

4th level: confusion, greater invisibility, phantasmal killer

5th level: modify memory, dominate person, dream

6th level: mass suggestion


The DM.

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