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12 events at the city gate

When the party reaches the city gate, you have the chance to introduce planned encounters o to introduce a main feature of the city. 

Shown below, there are 12 useful events that you can insert in your campaign. 

1. Voice of the god. Next to the entrance, a passionate preacher tells the crowd how corrupt are the city's rulers and the punishment that awaits them in the afterlife.
2. I am penniless. A peasant is going inside the walls to sell some vegetables at the city market but can't afford the toll due at the gates. He has failed to persuade the guards to let him pass and they start to beat him.
3. Holiday. A festivity is going in the city. Tolls are suspended today and the PCs are invited to join the feast.
4. A mysterious messenger. While the PCs are waiting in line to enter the city, a messenger from inside approaches the guards at the gate and whispers something to them. Then he turns back while the guards look at the party shaking their heads.
5. Illegal Immigrant. While the guards are talking with some citizens, a person passes through the gates unnoticed. 
6. This is the punishment for criminals. A couple of cages hang from the walls, with prisoners alive or dead. They're guilty of various crimes. One of them, still alive, begs the PCs for mercy, claiming she's innocent.
7. A new ruler in town. The guards wear a livery with different colors than usual, or a with new symbol. A new ruler has taken up the government of the city. The Pcs may know him or h'es totally unknown (DM's choice). 
8. You're not welcome here. A recent decree forbids the entrance to some races or groups of people. 
9. A coin, for Heaven's sake! Some beggars are asking for a little donation or a group of monks are asking for a donation. 
10. Do you need help? A boy is offering to the party as a guide, giving advices for inns, taverns, shops and other places of interest.
11. Welcome, Rookie! A PC is robbed of a non-magic item or some coins. Uno dei PG si trova "alleggerito" di un oggetto non magico o di una modesta quantità di denaro. As an alternative, she may be victim of a little scam.
12. Hidden Trades. A PC notices that some wagons ahead of the party aren't carefully inspected and a member of  the guards is receiving a purse from the wagon-driver. 

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