mercoledì 5 giugno 2019

Three monsters&NPCs for Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation is surely one of the best adventures for D&D 5e so far.

My love for designing and reskinning monsters (and NPCs) drove me to create three new ones for my campaign in Chult: Batiri Warlock, Pterafolk Alpha and Shadow Stalker.

The weirdest thing is that one of them, the Shadow Stalker, was never encountered by the players, because the storyline evolved in a different way than what I'd originally planned.

Statblocks are there


The Batiri Warlock is a special member of the tribe who has been blessed by a pact with some ancient spirit that dwells in the forest. Alternatively, its patron can be one of the surviving Barae of Mezro, or some extraplanar creature or SzassTam too.


A Pterafolk Alpha is the leader of its flock. Approximately, 1 in a 10 pterafolks is a Pterafolk Alpha. It's bigger and stronger than its counterparts.


A Shadow Stalker is a human that still follows the teachings of Eshowdow


The DM

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