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Divine Domains for gods of Birthright setting

Birthright setting is a favorite of mine.

I like its gods, expecially how they became gods.

Here's the list of gods and the domains available for D&D 5th edition.

Death domain is from Dungeon Master Guide while Arcana is from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

Haelyn (LG god of Justice and War, Patron of Anuireans)

Life, War

Avanalae (LN goddess of Sun and Reason, Patron of Khinasi)

Knowledge, Light

Erik (N god of Forests, Patron of Rjurik)

Life, Nature

Belinik (CE god of Strife and War, Patron of Vos)

Tempest, War

Sarimie (N goddess of Commerce and Wealth, Patron of Brechts)

Knowledge, Trickery

Cuiraécen (CN god of Storms and War)

Tempest, War

Ruornil (N god of Magic)

Arcana, Knowledge

Kriesha (NE goddess of Ice and Frost)

Nature, Tempest

Eloéle (CN goddess of Darkness and Rogues)

Knowledge, Trickery

Nesirie (NG goddess of Sea)

Life, Tempest

Laerme (CG goddess of Fire and Beauty)

Light, Trickery

Azrai (CE god of Evil and Magic, might be dead)

Arcana, Death

The Serpent (CE abomination of true bloodline of Azrai, followers pretend it's a god)

Death, Trickery


The DM.

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