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Curse of Strahd Review ENG Version - Introduction&Chapter1

As already done for Out of the Abyss, let's have a review about the new D&D adventure: Curse of Strahd.

It will be a full review with a post for every chapter.

First positive thing: maps aren't inside the text, just like in the old adventures. You'll have some beautiful poster maps, easier to use while DMing.

In my opinion poster maps are better, I can always easily look at them while party is moving.


It's very short, only 2 pages.

It shortly describes:

- overall adventure's plot

- how to level up with Milestones

- suitable Party level for any area of the maps

- some tips to use to spice up encounters and descriptions so players can feel Ravenloft's true themes

Chapter 1

It introduces Strahd.

In 2 pages you discover his story, his goals and the best ways to roleplay the good old vampire.

7 pages are dedicated to tarots reading.

It's a fundamental of the adventure: the various readings can change the main features of the adventure, such as:

La lettura è fondamentale perché a seconda dei risultati delle carte possono cambiare gli elementi fondamentali dell'avventura:

- where Strahd is located inside Castle Ravenloft

- where to find 3 important items to fight against Strahd

- the identity of a powerful ally against Strahd

I like the idea; you can have a lot of different results and you can avoid spoilers for your players.

Since possible results are a lot it's better you have the reading before the game and record the results. When in game you must go with the reading then take out the cards and read what you have written. You'll have the same result in a faster manner.

You can find also 4 hooks to start the adventure or you can simply decide the mists of Ravenloft have taken PCs to Barovia.

I don't like any hooks. I will use the mists without explanations. Ravenloft has't to explain anything to you. Ravenloft takes you and (almost never) releases you.

In the next post you'll be guided to the heart of Barovia.


The DM.

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