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Alternative Rewards

Players, and their characters, expect to be rewarded.

They face great risks and therefore demand great rewards.

Commonly they are money and magic but you have many more choices.


PCs can be promoted to a rank of lesser nobility or knighthood.

At the very list, a title conveys respect while at best it carries some special priviliges.

Lords might have to provide food and lodging to other nobles or knights.

Titles might also conveys responsabilities

When a greater Lord (or the King) musters his army, lesser nobles or knights must join it.


It can be useful to be a member of a guild. Usually its members have special priviliges.

The Mages' Guild has a small library with minor spellbooks and scrolls, which members can study with no charge.

A member of a thieves' guild can use its network of informations.

A jewelers' guild might offer special prices when buying a gem from its members.

Members however are expected to actively support their organization just as it supports them.


They can be letters of introduction or recommendation, which might unlock closed doors for PCs.

A great noble makes a letter of recommendation for the party so PCs can obtain a private audience with the king.

They can also be letters of permission or special licenses.

PCs are granted the right to sail and raid the ships of an enemy nation.


PCs might gain the services of some men and women.

Some can be servants or unskilled labourers while others can be veteran soldiers or also specialists such as mages or spies.


Party might obtain the future services of some NPCs.

Services should last for a determined length of time as well as an undertemined one.

When in town PCs can have a free meal at the Red Lion Tavern.

Every time PCs enter in a temple of Pelor they have the right to receive a Cure Wounds spell with no charge.


Party is granted some acres of land (or a bigger area if you want) and a keep and must rule in the name of a greater ruler.

PCs shall protect its people, patrol the borders to look for enemies and must collect taxes.


They're very valuable.

A powerful wizard knows the command word of a PC's magical item.

A merchant knows the wherabouts of a rare beast party is looking for spell components.

A thief knows how to sneak inside the well guarded Burgmaster's house.

Use alternative rewards in your campaign from time to time.

They'll add variety to your game, which will be appreciated by your players.

They'll also give your players more opportunities to get involved in your campaign, which is your main goal.


The DM.

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