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Multiclass - English Version

I've always had mixed feelings about multiclassing.

When I played BECMI I never allowed a player to have his PC multiclass; simply I thought it was an absurd character concept: a warrior had to be a warrior, a izard a wizard and so on...

Then, approaching AD&D (1st and 2nd edition), I started to appreciate it and eventually I allowed even to human characters, as a HR.
Xp were splitted between PC's various classes to avail a different level advancement: the more you used abilities of one class than others', you got higher level in that class than others.

Approaching D&D 5th edition my feelings turned mixed again for a while. I still like the chance of multiclassing (now it's an optional rule, like feats) but, after a brief analysys, I realize that combining various features of different classes can lead to powerful combos, apparently invincible.

Combo fear is one of the worst fear among DMs as well as having a power player who loves to build his character, looking to min/max everything (as I told you in an older post qui).

If you think it's a too great risk then, as a DM, you can deny multiclassing, it's an optional rule after all.

In my opinion however you should not have fear, as already said every combo can be overcome.

Again it should be very interesting to use multiclass NPCs as foes. 

PCs will be really surprised to see a Red Wizard use Fighter's Action Surge to cast a second spell in his turn (or casting in heavy armor), or to see a Banite Cleric di Bane taking off and casting a fireball, or a Fighter causing also Sneak Attack damage.

As one of the old Law of Good DM

Surprises cause thrill, thrills cause fun.


The DM.

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