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5 New Magical Cloaks

There you can find 5 magical cloaks for D&D 5th, converted from previous editions of the D&D game.

Cloak of Lathander
Woundrous item, rare, (requires attunement by a Lathander's follower)

Found only on Toril, this cloak is fashioned by priests of Lathander to provide power to their champions. The cloak is made of black velvet on the outside, but is lined on the inside with a rose-colored pink silk.
On your turn, as an action, you can cast the cantrip light.
On your turn, you can use a action to activate the Cleric's feature Channel Divinity: Turn Undead as if you were a Cleric of the same level. If you're already a Cleric this use is additional to the normal uses of your feature. The cloak can't be used this way again until next dawn.

Cloak of Healing
Woundrous item, uncommom

This magical item appear as virtually any sort of ordinary cloak. As an action you can place it on any living creature and the being who donnned it is cured of all its current damage, exhaustion levels, diseases, curses and the poisoned status. You can't heal undead or construct creatures and you cannot regenerate lost limbs or organs.
The cloak can't be used this way again until next dawn.

Cloak of Passage
Woundrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This cloak appears to be an ordinary garment of gray-green cloth, but woven with spider silk for a light, billowy weave.
On your turn you can use an action to cast on yourself pass without trace or to cast dimension door.
Once you have cast both the spell you must take a long rest to cast them again.

Woundrous item, rare (requires attunement by a rogue)

This large, cowled cloak is made from pure black velvet. When you are attuned to it you have advantage on your Dexterity (Hide), Dexterity (Stealth) and Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) while you are in dim light or darkness. The cloack has 3 charges. On your turn you can use 1 charge to cast darkness. On your turn you can use 2 charges to become a shadow. You have all the stats reported in the MM but you mantain your INT WIS and CHA scores and your proficiency bonus.
You can remain in the form of a shadow for up to 1 hour and you can end it earlier at will. If you're killed while you're a shadow you return to your normal form, as for the Druid's Wild Shape feature.
The cloak regains 1d3 charges at dawn.

White Cloak of Charming
Woundrous item, rare (requires attunement by a wizard, sorcerer)

This cloak is unusually white. While you are attuned to it, the targets of your charm person, suggestion, hypnotic pattern and confusion spells have disadvantage on their saving throws.


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