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Out of the Abyss Review ENG Version - Chapter 15

PG must sneak into Menzoberranzan, wehere all has begun, to find Gromph Baenre's spellbook an plaze the Dark Heart, which Vizeran (or a PC wizard) has created from with all the components found in the previous chapters.

To go to Menzoberranzan can be easy or hard:
- Vizeran can help by showing them a secret tunnel that directly leads to the Drow city. Grin Ousstyl, Vizeran's assistant, is going to go with tem.
- if they choose to go by themselves every route they take will be heavey guarded with an average of five encounters (hard o very hard) a day for 3 days. High chances of awake all the citiy's defenses too.

DM Tip
I'd create a mini-adventure where PCs can "find" the secret tunnel.

The city is well described,with its many quarters and a map. Every quarter has its own random encounter table.

PCs can make contacts with 3 factions: the Council of Spiders (a Group of Drow male wizard), chich is suggested by Vizeran, the mercenary company of Bragan D'Aerth, and House Baenre.

Any of them can help the party to sneak into Sorcere and to reach the tower of Gromph Baenre.

DM Tip
I truly don't understand how the matron of Baenre, High Priestess of Lolth, should be against Lolth itself. Whatever is, without the help of one of the three factions to move in Menzoberranzan is very hard.

Gromph's tower is the typical Archmage Tower with many traps, obstacles and so on. The big surprise should be when Vizeran's assistant will reveal that it's necessary to place Dark Heart in Menzoberranzan, but his master's plan is to bashis Demons and destroy the city since it will be the battlefield of the demons themselves.

What will PCs do?
Are the going to let Menzoberranzan be ruined o (maybe because they've allied with House Baenre) are they going to save it?
Where are they going to place the Dark Heart?
What will be Vizeran's reaction if should they are going to disobey his orders?

The asnwers to these questions all lead to beautiful plot twists.


The DM.

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