mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

10 reasons to love Bane

Bane is one of my favorite gods.

Probably is the Evil god I love the most, because:

1. He was killed while in mortal form

2. He fathered another god

3. His heinous actions and plots started the Time of Troubles, and the Realms were never be the same

4. He fooled many gods and an overgod, stealing the Tablets of Fate

5. He was a dead god coming back from death

6. He had special liches, the Baneliches

7. Those Baneliches went made at his death and all of them was believing to be the real Bane

8. His church made unholy pacts with beholders

9. Many of his followers was so loyal that continued to have Faith in him even after his death and even if Cyricists made a few Banedeath

10. To come back from death he got rid of his own son.

Can you imagine a more evil act?

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