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Curse of Strahd Review ENG Version - Chapter 3

The village of Barovia will almost surely be the first place visited by the party.

You'll have a nice color map and a description of the main places of it"

- Emporium. A simple place where PCs can buy supplies and standard equipment.

- Tavern. Where PCs can find Ismark, the Burgmaster's son, and some Vistani.

Ismark is a good hook for adventure's development and he's also a perfect NPC.

You can have fun if you play the silent tavern owner as Strahd in disguise, spying the party and maybe giving to them misleading advices.

- House of Mad Mary. Where PCs can find some clues leading them to chapter 5, the Village of Vallaki.

- Burgmaster House. Where PCs will find his stepchild daughter, Ireena. She's a key NPC of the adventure and one of Strahd's targets. Party will escort her to the safer village of Vallaki.

- The Church. There, party will start to know more about Ireena's past. PCs will be directed to Vallaki or the Abbey of Saint Markovia (chspter 8). I

Based on cards' reading party can find there an item to fight against Strahd and Doru, the priest, can be the ally the party is looking for.

The chapter also describes two special events.

One of them, the encounter with Morghanta, a night hag, has ties with Chapter 6, Old Bonegrinder Mill.

If interrogated, the hag can reveal useful informations about Strahd.

The next post will be focused about chapter 5, the Village of Vallaki, and chapter 6, Old Bonegrinder Mill.


The DM.

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