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Out of the Abyss Review - Chapter 9 ENG Version

Leaving Gauntlgrym, PCs, leading a small army, go down again into the Underdark heading toward Mantol-Derith.
The outpost is a hidden small market centre, where Zhentarim, Drow, Duergar and Svirfneblin meet and trade.
There are 4 entry tunnels (one by each of the 4 groups) which are hidden and a secret password is needed to find and open them.
DM Tip
As said in the previous post it's beeter for the party to have Zhentarim on its own side.
Otherwise PCs can look for help from duergar or svirfneblin, if they're on good terms with them. At last they can also find the route interrogating a Drow caught as prisoner.
Arrived to Mantol.Derith, party is going to face a classical scene of the adventure: the place is being corrupted by Demons' madness; this time by the essence of Fraz-Urb'luu, Demon of deception. his essence is inside a gem which is spreading madness throughout the outpost. Lured by the gem, the four factions of Mantol-Derith are engagin in a fight which will lead to theri destructions.
PC can try to avoid the bloodshed or can simply find the local Zehntarim leader, Ghazrim DuLoc, and gain the informations to reach Gravenhollow.
DM Tip
If party is allied with Zhentarim, this chapter could be very easy. Without Zhentarim's help, PCs might have to defeat Fraz-Urb'luu's menace to gain the trust of Ghazrim DuLoc. At worst they can find the map for Gravenhollow from a magical ring borught by the Zhentarim leader. PC's can take it (it radiates divination magic) even if he's got killed.
In Mantol-Derith PCs can also find some interesting NPCs who can lead them into some side-quests.
Once they have the ring they can move towards Gravenhollow.
The DM.

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