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Out of the Abyss Review - Chapter 3 English Version

Chapter 3 starts describing Darklake region. It's a huge dark lake which PCs will likely reach in the beginning of their runaway, and they will have to cross by some kind of boat or to travel along its coasts on foot.

This part is very similar to those in the previous chapter: random encounters table and navigation rules (and the older problems still here: foraging, Light...) and you can use it for every other underground lake you want.

Then it describes the Kuo-Toa village of Sloobludop and some key events triggered by the PCs' arrival in the village or near it.

Village description is laid in OotA's standard format:

- a tale with dimensions, economics, defenses, factions and major NPCs

- a map (in my opinion colours are too dark)

- general features (light, languages,..)

-  how to roleplay a Kuo-Toa


- Kuo-Toa's names are impossible to spell. Use their nicknames

- role-playing a Kuo-Toa, describe them very well and focus about how they speak or walk.
Underdark's full of bizarre creatures and PCs must quickly get used to it

Chapter's last part describes some events in the village triggered by PCs' arrival. They will end in a climax which will give them a first taste of what's going on in the Underdark.

If everything goes as written, PCs will leave the village and will never return there (Sloobludop will be only en passant in chapter 10) going towards other places, navigating across the Darklake or walking coastline.


This part is railroad, so if things turn in a different way you can also don't deal with what will happen in Sloobludop, waiting for the major event (I'd make it happen absolutely, whatever things PCs are going to do).


The DM.

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