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Out of the Abyss Review - Chapter 7 ENG Version

This chapter contains the informations needed for escaping from the Underdark.

You'll find details of every clues PCs can find and where to find them.

DM Tip

PCs mustn't visit the places in the right order presented in the book but my advice is to do it. Dangers get higher as you advance in chapters.

If  the party fails to get enough informations, you can find alternate methods for a way out  such as a magical portal.

However PCs must be at least at 7th level, have visited all the places described in the previous chapters, and must have realized that the Underdark is overrun by the Demons.

DM Tip

The adventure is wide open and party can reach also places described in the following chapters. Try to avoid it, if possible. TPK is a real possibility.

In any case, just before leaving the Underdark, there's the final showdown with the Drow, who are in pursuit of the party since Chapter 2. This event happen without considering the rules of the hunt detailed in the same chapter

DM Tip

The Drow's encounter is deadly. The priestess of Lolth alone has a CR 8. You'll find some instructions to lower the difficulty. You really may have to do it.

Back to the surface it's time to:
  • say goodbye to the NPCs who have been with the party during the escape 
  • Handle downtime or training
DM Tip

You can insert some short or long adventures, even non strictly related to the story, to make the PCs reach at least 8th level, which is the minimum level required to face chapter 8. Maybe those adventures would be useful to gain renown for the party, which is also useful for chapter 8.

After this interlude, PCs will be ready to go again in the Underdark.

Oh yes, they have just ran away and they hav to go down again.

After all, they're the only heroes who know about the Demons' menace and the only one who can deal with it.


The DM.

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