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Out of the Abyss Review ENG Version - Chapter 8

This chapter is a campaign's main node but it's also one of those I like less.

Some time after the escape from the Underdark, PCs will be called by Bruenor Battlehammer, King of Gauntlgrym, legendary underground dwarven city, deserted from long time and just rediscovered and settled by Bruenor himself and his followers.

The king wants to talk with PCs to know what horrors and madness they have witnessed in the Underdark and how those dangers could be faced and defeated.

DM Tip

How can Bruenor know about the party it's up to the DM. A NPC prisoner of the Drow who had ran away with them is a shield dwarf of  Gauntlgrym and if killed she had asked them to bring back  her family shield to her homeplace. Either the dwarf alive or dead it's reasonable the King has heard about them. You can also rule the bards have created songs about their exploits and they can have reached Gauntlgrym travelling from inn to inn.

PCs maybe aren't interested in Bruenor's call. The chapter gives hints about avoid this situation which however is  up to PCs' good will and cooperation with the DM.

 Gauntlgrym in one of the places worst described in the book:
  • Map is missing, unlike all other locations
  • Description details of the three places presented are below standard: just a few descriptions of the areas and some random encounter tables
DM Tip

You can find a Gauntlgrym's map here, from the novel with the same name.

PCs will have a first talk with King Bruenor where they'll telll him their adventures and impressions then they'll be invited for a feast in the evening.

At the feast, at which will be as guest emmebers of the Five Factions of the Sword Coast, Bruenor will give a quest to the PCs.
They have to go down in the Underdark and reach Mantol-Derith, a secret Zhentarim outpost. there they must get in touch with the local Zhenterim leader who is the only to know the route to Gravenhollow, an ancient place built by stone giants,  whick keeps a lot of informations about ancient and hidden lore. Bruenor and Five Factions think there can be found answers about doubts concerning who and what might have summoned the Demons from the Abyss.

Before leaving, PCs will be involved in diplomatic actions with Five Factions emissaries: they must convince them to join in their quest. Every convinced faction will give helpf the party with some NPCs, with typical characteristics of their faction (for example: scouts from Emerald Enclave, guards from Lordss Alliance, thugs from Zhentarim...).
NPCs stats are provided, and they are slightly different from those contained in the Appendix of MM.

DM Tip
The only faction really importat is Zhentarim. Without them it should be really difficult to reach Mantol-Derith, but you can Always change things. Duergar and svirfneblin know where the outpost is too; if PC's are on well terms with them (it depends on what they have done in the previous chapters) they can go in their cities to gain support and guides.

When they have finished diplomatics actions, PCs will start their quest to the Underdark.

What happens then?


The DM.

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