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Out of the Abyss Review - Chapter 11 ENG Version

PCs arrive to Gravenhollow, a huge magical library which keeps past, present and future of the Underdark.

The library is magical for real:

- it warps space and time to his own will
- it alters visitors' perceptions
- all languages are comprehended
- visitors just have to concentrate if they want to find anything

Moreover it "remembers" any past or future visitos: their manifestations (Echoes) appear regularly there and PC can interact with them, talk and gain useful informations.

Among Echoes they will find some NPCs previously meet plus some very famous Realms NPCs like Elminster and Alustriel Silverhand.

DM Tip

You can also use Echoes making PCs meet Echoes of themselves: they can have revelations (trughtful or not?) about their own past and future.

Besides Echoes PCs are going to meet three Stone Giants, librarian keepers of Past, Present and Future.

With their help, they will search through Gravenhollow's archives, with the aid of a new magic item, Stonespeaker Crystal, which will give them visions about past and future, and will find what is the reason behind the Demons' arrival to the Underdark.

Lolth tricked Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan, and used him to summon the Demons from the Abyss because She wants to rule over it without being contested!!!

When they have gained this information PCs can leave Gravenhollow but they'll be approached by another NPC who's visiting the library (probably they've aready met him): Vizeran DeVir, a Drow Archmage exiled from Menzoberranzan.

He has arrived to Gravenhollow for the same reason of the party and he too has  realized what had happened. He suggests them to unite forces to bring back the Demons into the Abyss and tells them he has a plan to do so.

He then invites PCs to Araj, his Tower, to further discuss the matter.

You'll find the detail in the next post.


The DM.

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